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Do we accept insurance?

Eyewear insurance is designed to steer a customer to a specific store or chain as well as to specific products.  We started the Spectacle Shoppe to offer our customers the freedom to choose the eyewear they want with the lenses they want without a third party's control or restriction.

Many insurance companies have even merged with frame and lens manufactures to increase their share of the market.  We are now seeing all three merging together; the frame manufacture, the lens maker, and the insurance company.  Now the conglomerates have moved deep into ownership of retail stores and online market places.  They are now purchasing Optometric practices.

Because we have elected to remain free from participation with insurance companies we can offer YOU ,the customer, greater choice for your frame and lens selection.  We call it optical freedom.  From reports given by our customers our pricing without insurance is equivalent to or better than the final price paid through a provider once premium and upcharges are calculated.

As a non-participating provider, insurance companies withhold sharing with us any information about your specific plan.  Most eyewear insurance companies do reimburse you if you purchase eyewear from the Spectacle Shoppe.  It requires looking at your policy to see what they will pay.  As a non-provider, we can't acquire that information for you.  Take a bold step for optical freedom, shop outside of the insurance network.  Come see the difference yourself - Shop at the Spectacle Shoppe.

We will gladly help you with your out of network insurance form and provide any related documentation that you might need.

Kent and Roxie

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