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Dust, grease and grime are the enemy of clean lenses.  First wet the lenses, then using a good soap, such as non-lotion dish soap or non-lotion liquid hand soap, suds them up.   Rinse thoroughly under plenty of cold to tepid (lukewarm) running water.  Never use hot water as this could ruin the coating on the lenses as well as deteriorate the plastics in the frame (extreme temperatures are very hard on eyeglasses).  Then, spray the lenses with a good optical quality (anti-reflective safe) lens cleaner.  This gives the lenses a great anti-static and anti-fog finish.

The drying process can be a little difficult without the proper towel.  The best towel would be a micro fiber made for cleaning eyeglasses lenses.  However, a good quality cotton towel would work fine, as long as it is free of fabric softeners.  Fabric softeners make the cloth oily and non- absorbent and quickly transfers its oily properties to the lens.  Oftentimes a good quality non-lotion tissue can be used, however they can be somewhat linty (please blow).   With today's technology advances most lenses are tough enough to handle the fibers from tissues just fine.

Don't forget to clean and polish dry the plastic parts of the frame, also.  Perspiration is an enemy to your frame and it should be cleaned off.

The other problem is hairspray.  If soap and water doesn't remove it then use a little isopropyl alcohol (91%).  This will not harm the lenses, and also, can be used on the frame.   However, prolonged use of this product on the plastic parts of the frame will tend to dry out and harden the plastic making it brittle.  The best way to handle hairspray is to move the glasses out of its path.

We now have Pre-Moistened Lens Cloths they are packaged like a "wet one".  They work great for quick on the go cleanings.

Good Luck and Happy Cleaning!

Kent and Roxie

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