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The Spectacle Shoppe offers digital surfacing on all of our processed lenses.  A specialized software program designs and writes the surfacing order for each customer's unique prescription.  We are able to supply lenses of your choice from many various manufactures software programs.  The second aspect of lens processing is called finishing.  Verification of the surfaced lens and laying out the lenses for cutting and edging as well as drilling, notching, grooving and mounting is provided in house by the Spectacle Shoppe .  It is imperative that the finished lenses are placed accurately in the frame as well as on the customer's face in order to achieve successful vision and carefree wearing.

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Pech Optical has a highly sophisticated surfacing line to produce the newest generation of freeform and digitally surfaced lenses.  This new technology allows Pech Optical to produce the ultimate design in tailored progressive lenses and backside aspheric single vision, bifocal, and trifocal prescriptions.

Most Accurate Surfacing Technology

• The surfacing accuracy to 1/100th of a
• Previous surfacing accuracy was 1/6th
   of a diopter

Produces Customized Progressive Lenses

• Tailored to patient's Rx, PD, frame and
   segment height
• The entire design is on the backside,
   closer to the eye for better peripheral


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Trivex is one of the newest lens material available.  It was developed by PPG and marketed first with the names Phoenix and Trilogy.   It is the lightest and strongest lens material ever made for eyewear and is one of the safest lens material available.  This new lens offers clear crisp vision with UV protection and is available in single vision, bifocal, trifocal and progressive lens designs, with Anti-Reflective coating Polarization and/or Transitions.

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Transitions Signature Lenses are so smart they change from clear indoors to nearly as dark as sunglasses outdoors. Their advanced technology adjusts to changing light, so you see clearly and more comfortably in virtually any light condition. Transitions adaptive lenses are also Available in XTRActive, Vantage, and Drivewear

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